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Nose and Sinus

Sinus problems can lead to significant loss of work productivity and decreased quality of life*.


Our physicians want to get you breathing better and back to living your life.  We treat the following conditions related to the nose and sinuses:


  • Facial Pain and Pressure

  • Extended Cold Symptoms

  • Chronic Sinusitis

  • Thick Nasal Discharge

  • Chronic Runny Nose/Post-Nasal Drip

  • Headaches

  • Nasal Congestion/Stuffy Nose

  • Pain in Upper Teeth

  • Bad Breath


Treatment for these conditions may include:


If your condition requires sinus surgery, our physicians are trained in the lastest endoscopic techniques, using high definition imaging and stealth techonology to map the sinuses for safer surgery with better results.


We want to help you breathe better.


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*Stewart, M. "Epidemiology and burden of nasal congestion. " International Journal of General Medicine. 8;3 (2010)37-45.