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Hearing Aids

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An audiogram (hearing test) will determine if a patient needs a hearing aid.  Some hearing losses may be treated and correted medically, while other hearing losses may benefit from the use of hearing aids.  The audiologist works with the otolaryngologist to determine which type of hearing loss a patient is experiencing.


Technology has greatly improved the sound quality of hearing aids in recent years.  Hearing aids are programmed based on the patients' audiogram.  They are no longer simply an amplifier that increases all sounds.  Hearing aids are customized to amplify only the sounds in which the patient experiences hearing loss.


Hearing aids now have several settings enhancing the patient's ability to hear in different situations.  Extra program settings for restaurant, theater, television, church, etc... are available on new hearing aids.  They can also be paired with Bluetooth on cellular phones allowing the patient to hear their telephone conversations better.


  • Our most popular hearing aid style is the mini behind the ear with receiver in the ear.  This style can fit most hearing losses, is the most discreet, is the most comfortable and provides the most natural sound.


  • Every hearing aid fitting comes with a 60 day trial period.  Our aids come with a full 2 or 3 year warranty.


  • Our hearing aids are fitted by nationally certified and state licensed audiologists.  All audiological services related to the hearing aids are included in the initial hearing aid price.


  • We use one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Siemens Hearing Aids.  Siemens/Signia/Sivantos is a top 50 global company and has been pioneering hearing aids for over 130 years.  To learn more about hearing aids go to www.sivantos.com